2.  Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Bend forward at the hips so the torso is at parallel to the ground, holding a pair of dumbbells straight down with palms facing in. Next, with elbows slightly bent, raise the dumbbells out the side so that the elbows extend above the shoulders. Return to starting position.

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    Day 25. Camel one legged pose

    Avoid: If you suffer Back pain

    How to: Kneel on the ground and place your hands on your hips, extend your right leg in line width your hips, the feet are flat on the floor, and the top or your back foot resting on the mat, slowly raise your left arm to the ceiling and lengthen your spine and bend backwards, placing you hand on your back heel, engage your core to keep the balance, inhale and exhale, raise your right arm to the ceiling or keep it on your hips or in the floor.

    *I am not certificate yoga teacher, tips based on my own experience.


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